About CADI

When Was CADI Established?

CADI was officially launched in 1999 and has been providing its clients with quality information when it comes to making informed investments. The company has its main base and operations in the Philippines. While the company initially started out with only a few competent financial aid staff members, CADI has grown over the years to become a fully-fledged company.

What Do We Do?

what do we doWhen it comes to kickstarting your financial business with excellent results, then you will realize the making perceptive choices for your startup. However, although this type of decision making might be important for the success of any business, not many entrepreneurs are capable of putting the information to good use. For this reason, we at CADI, help our clients to escape the complications associated with business startups by providing them with coherent information for their unique needs. Besides that, we also work meticulously to help the develop their investment strategy such that they are capable of receiving the ideal value for their investment each time.

What is Our Mission?

missionAs a professional company who survival hinges in the level of customer satisfaction that comes from our services, we work meticulously to ensure that our clients are more than satisfied with our assistance. To be specific, our main company mission is to provide clients with excellent information for managing the risks associated with investing and making perceptive choices for optimal results each time, with special team dedicated on choosing the best Forex broker. Our information is acquired from several years of experience along with special investment knowledge as well. In fact, unlike the conventional financial aid companies that are available out there today, CADI tends to prioritize their passion for the job and our company ethos above anything else. In fact, this type of professionalism is what has enhanced all aspects of our services and the level of customer services that we are able to provide to our clients each time.

Our Partnerships

Another important aspect of our business is the fact that we have several partnerships with investment companies in the Philippines. In this way, CADI is not only well informed when it comes to business investments, but we can also provide our clients with exclusive and up to the minute information for their unique investment needs. For instance, we have an ongoing partnership with the Sun life Investment Company and we are a member of the Philippines Investment Funds Association. We believe that our partnerships help us improve our operations and the opportunities that we can also provide to our esteemed clients.

Our Team

CADI has a board of directors who oversee the entire operation of the organization. Some of these include the management of membership, advertising, fundraising and improving operations as well. Furthermore, the subordinate staff are responsible for updating our investment knowledge base and for providing clients with valuable information each time

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CADI’s Financials and Annual Reports

reportsWhile CADI was initially struggling to attract clients thereby leading to poor turnover rates, the company`s financial aspects have improved over the years and are nowadays well balanced. In fact, the company has seen an outstanding growth rate of 83% when it comes to turnovers since its inception in 1999. During the last quarter, the company experienced the best growth rate, with an estimated average of 9%. By the same token, the company pays for all the required taxes and licenses required to run a business in the Philippines

Honors and Awards

Due to our high standards when it comes to providing clients with coherent information for making investments, we have in the recent years garnered several investment company accolades. Some of the main ones include:

★ TEMPO Mentor Award
★ 2017 Vault Rankings
★ 2016 Excellence in Social & Community Investment
★ 2014 Best Firms to Work For

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Career Opportunities

Further lending to our superior services when it comes to providing clients with valuable investment information, we also fulfill our Role when it comes to corporate social responsibility. Simply put, we have broad spectrum of employment opportunities for individuals who demonstrate the appropriate competencies and professionalism to join our company. Some of the main ones include database managers, financial analysts, business administrators, software programmers, financial advisors, marketers and even stock market brokers among various others.


The Threefold Nature of Social Life

social life

For many, the collapse of the Berlin Wall signaled the “end of history” where market capitalism has triumphed over state-controlled capitalism as found in communist and socialist countries. This event triggered the massive exodus of countries into the umbrella of the World Trade Organization (WTO), as the bullet train to economic growth and salvation. In effect, these events reflect the growing imposition of single-fold model of society, where economics reigns supreme. Under this ideology, the State is to interfere less and less with the “free market.” Citizens and their culture have to be molded to serve the ends of business and economics. The economy becomes a parasite on society, transforming all development conversations and debates into economic discourse.

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